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Our Story

The Pipe Dream Events team is built of experienced design specialists, cutting-edge artists, and event-driven personnel. We connect design, fabrication, props, party rentals, pipe, base, specialty drapery, hardware rentals, customized fabric printing, event planning, and execution.

Senior Designer, Elliott Hines, has been in the drapery business for more than 25 years. It’s his experience and design that sets Pipe Dream Events apart as the premier drapery specialists.

Elliott began his career as an apprentice at Poko Event Productions. His mentor guided and taught him to be meticulous, never leaving any detail to chance. Elliott then learned the importance of providing the creative flair and an artistic eye to the drapery and hardware installed. He transformed simple, basic background drapes into spectacular and imaginative surroundings. Elliott soon realized that there was a demand for someone to provide drapes, installation, and execution.

This vision is what inspired Elliott to create his own business, Pipe Dream Events.


Event Consultation .

We want to know the vision you have for your pipe dream. All ideas, thoughts, concepts, welcomed…