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With more than 20 years of experience in Los Angeles and across the country Pipe Dream Events offers unparalleled services.

We specialize in event drapery design for award shows, private parties, weddings, celebrity events, galleries, stages and corporate events.

Our Production

Introducing sleek alternatives to heavy and expensive fabric options. Our textile specialists handle fabric printing, kabuki drops, walls and custom sewing fabrication for any project to meet the needs of the event. Pipe Dream Events can ensure the technical necessities such as steel trussing, complicated lighting structures, rigging, and sound clusters that do not impair the aesthetics of your vision. With our setup, assembly team, and designer staff your event drapery ambiance will be flawless. Our producers work closely with your venues to ensure all elements and timetables are efficiently executed.

The Pipe Dream Events team provides event planning, designer fabrics, sewing fabrication, unique drapery, hardware rentals, installation services, and complete event management from our producing team.

If you are looking for the best in Los Angeles events, Pipe Dream Events has provided drapery for thousands of events, delivering the highest-quality rentals and design solutions for award shows, private parties, and weddings. We provide artistic dedication and proven experience that is trusted time and again. As a result we can offer the same inspired design talent and drapery skills to you.

Pipe Dream Events has the experience providing pipe & base rentals and décor for any size event. From a corporate gala, to an extravagant wedding, trade show activation, also large non-profit events, press releases and private parties. Most of all Pipe Dream Events takes pride in the ability to create luxurious spaces and make an event come to life.

When you choose to hire our company, Pipe Dream Events becomes your event partner from design concept to execution for all your production needs. You will have a dedicated design and production team working with you through every step of the process. Our producers closely manage all of your rental elements, timetables, budget, facility arrangements and layouts. Our production team will coordinate efficiently to ensure the final installation of your event will run as smoothly as possible.

We design, install and activate at a wide variety of locations that include event centers, outdoor festivals, convention centers,  ballrooms, malls, aircraft hangars, golf courses, galleries, schools, theaters, outdoor tents, hotels, estates and much more!

”It is my greatest pleasure to create a genuine experience for you…something greater than you envisioned…something that makes your occasion perfect for you.” 

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