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The Pipe Dream team was built from experienced design specialists & cutting edge artists. We connect production design, fabrication, prop design, party decor’ rentals, pipe and base, specialty drapery, hardware rentals, and customized fabric printing. 

Senior Designer, Elliott Hines, has been in the drapery business for more than 20 years. It’s his experience in design that sets Pipe Dream Events apart as the premier drapery specialists. Elliott began his career as the main coordinator for an event planning company. His mentor guided and taught him to be meticulous, never leaving any detail to chance. He learned the importance of providing creative flair and an artistic eye to the drapery and hardware installed by other companies. He transformed simple, basic background drapes into spectacular and imaginative surroundings.

Elliott soon realized that there was a demand for someone to provide both the installation and creative ingenuity needed to fashion the magnificent atmospheres that event designers craved. This vision is what inspired Elliott to create his own business, Pipe Dream Events.

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We don't just install drapery, we provide our clients with a design experience.

Pipe Dream Events can provide you with full-service drapery and event management. Tell us about your design challenge and we will give you a creative solution. Furthermore, our design team provides all components of party décor including installation, designer fabric, hardware, pipe & drape rentals, fabrication and design services. We offer support from early concept to the moment you go live!

Ensure that your venue or event is inspired by our unmatched creativity. From red carpets, fashion shows, private parties, weddings, trade shows & aircraft hanger transformations we have you covered.

Pipe Dream Events has revolutionized the staging industry by offering clients full-service production support. Our team understands it is our creative responsibility for your event to achieve greatness. We are confident in our capabilities to always provide the top quality designer fabrics, custom drapery design, and rental solutions. Make your entire party & fabric dreams a reality. Tell us what you need and we will get it done.

  • Event Planning & Design
  • Renderings & Graphic Design
  • Floor Plans & Permit Services
  • Client Services & Event Management
  • Production Support & Transportation
  • Scenic Walls & Prop Fabrication
  • Custom Fabric Printing
  • Sewing Fabrication
  • Pipe & Drape Rentals
  • Hardware & Equipment Rentals
  • Tent & Ceiling Treatments

Pipe Dream Events is ready to completely transform any location to the experience of your dreams! Contact our team of premier drapery specialists today to learn more!

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Our team of creative experts can create luxurious spaces that will make your event shine. We design and develop live events for clients of all sizes, specializing in creating stylish, modern & splendid venues.