Are you looking for a complete design for your next corporate event? 

In a time where unique staging ideas involves anything from crystal lined award shows to neon-noir lighted bar settings or thousands feet of led light, corporate event design has evolved beyond attractive backdrops, drapes and elevated platforms. Yet, it can be made simple, but significant. 


When you reach out to us at Pipe Dream Events you’ll get to speak to an expert in corporate event design. Below are examples of how we create the perfect corporate event.

corporate events in any theme

Ready to create an extraordinary corporate event?

Successful Luxurious Corporate Event Designers 


We have had great success in creating luxurious spaces for large corporate events and can, together with planners, florists and lighting, produce an event that sticks out beyond remarkable.



Innovative Design Elements


Corporate Event Grandiose style
Corporate Event Grandiose style

At Pipe Dream Events, we’re not only making your corporate event memorable through design with pipes and drapes. As a part of being a top-notch experiential event production company, we can also provide an amazing experience by using other innovative design elements.



Experienced Design Team


Our team has many years of professional experience in working out stage set design ideas as well as backdrop design for corporate events. Having worked with celebrity events, large conference stage set up and award shows, we know what it takes to make people remember your event as something outstanding.

Examples of Other Corporate Event Elements

-Netflix Emmys
-Amazon Emmys
– Instagram Event
-Tech Company events
-Car show events
Event for a fundraiser at Paramount Studios in Holywood Ca Medieval theme
Yoga Event
Glamorous event at the Beverly Wilshire